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17 Useful things to do with iOS 14.4

iOS 14.4's best iPhone features: 17 things you'll find yourself using all the time In an article posted on CNet, they cover 17 useful things you can do in iOS 14.4.One of the things I found of interest was the ability to create Smart Stac...

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Apple have released updates to iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS

Apple have released updates to iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS Apple have released iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4 and WatchOS 7.3 On 26 January 2021, Apple had updates to iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS which fix three critical security issues that “may have be...

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iOS and iPadOS 14.2 Released

Apple has released the latest update for iPads and iPhones. Other updates are for the Apple TV and the Apple Watch. The update not only provides additional functionality but also patches some security issues.

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iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1 Released

iOS/iPadOS 14.1 Released From From Gizmodo: "Bug fixesHere’s a full list of the iOS 14.1 fixes from Apple: Adds support for 10-bit HDR video playback and edit in Photos for iPhone 8 and later Addresses an issue where some widgets, folde...

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Apple has released iOS 14.0.1, iPadOS 14.0.1, watchOS 7.0.1, tvOS 14.0.1 with bug fixes

For the iPhone Fixes an issue that could cause default browser and mail settings to reset after restarting your ‌iPhone‌‌Addresses an issue that could prevent camera previews from displaying on ‌iPhone‌ 7 and ‌iPhone‌ 7 Plus...

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