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MacOS Big Sur 11.01 Released

MacOS Big Sur Released Today

Apple has released MacOS Big Sur today (version 11.01).
Each time that a new OS is released, many people advise to wait for the next release as every new update invariably comes with some bugs that have not been caught in the beta program.
Whether you update or not depends if the software you rely upon is compatible or not with Big Sur.
Compatibility of your Mac with Big Sur
Check the Apple site (see below) to ensure your Mac is in fact compatible with Big Sur.
Go to the App Store and update all software.
Check with third party software developers that their software works with Big Sur and update accordingly.
This is particularly important for software you rely upon.
Backup the system
Ensure you have working backups of your Mac. This will assist should you find that after the update something you rely upon no longer works.
I use a combination of Time Machine and SuperDuper and keep 3 separate backups.
See: Apple Site - How to Update 
Also see: 9to5Mac

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