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Apple facing numerous class actions over iPhone slow down

When Apple admitted to incorporating a feature that stopped iPhones with old, weak batteries from shutting down by slowing the phone down is facing numerous class actions.
Now, as a user and if you have any old devices where the battery is getting closer to the end of its life (all batteries have a finite life) would you rather have the device just suddenly shut down on you or slow down a little? I know the answer for myself but obviously there are many that see this as an opportunity to extort money for nothing.
Apple has since made changes that give the user a choice and also offered incredibly big discounts in a battery replacement program but obviously this is not good enough for the parasites.
So, how were people actually damaged by this? Did they actually ever notice any change in performance? I doubt it.
There appears to be little ethics when it comes to lawyers and money and according to a post on Zdnet at
https://goo.gl/1rnpMh, they state there are now some 60 cases.
Insanity prevails.

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