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Tutorials for your Mac or iOS devices

If you are looking for some guidance with using your Mac or iOS device or software (apps) there are many resources on the web. Some are free and others require a subscription to gain full access to their resources.
I have personally found two resources quite useful. The first is
ScreencastsOnline which is operated by Don McAllister and offers a subscription model although some videos are free to watch.
Another that is free and has had many useful videos is
MacMost. From the site "MacMost is a free website with video tutorials for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad users. Visit here daily for new tutorials, sign up for the free weekly newsletter, check out some Mac tips, and ask questions in the forum. New to the Mac? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to the Mac."

Of course if you prefer to have assistance in resolving any issues with your computer or need to solve some requirement with your software or hardware, I am able to assist with personal service at reasonable rates. The initial assessment of your requirements is free, unlike many trades that charge exorbitant fees just to arrive at your door.

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