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Apple sued over RIM-developed USB charging technology following preemptive action

In an article appearing on the AppleInsider website, they state "Non-practicing entity Fundamental Innovation Systems International on Monday filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming the tech giant infringes on multiple patents covering USB charging and communication technologies."

It is interesting to note that these types of cases keep coming up where a "non-practicing" entity that have purchased some patents for the sole purpose of extorting money but do not actually use them for the purposes intended.

My opinion is that if a company or someone buys patents then they can only be used as a basis for litigation if these patents are actually being used by the owner or the owner has clear plans on how they will be used within a reasonable period of time.

In the absence of laws that restrict the ability of trolls to extort money, perhaps another approach is to keep these trolls in court until they have no further resources left to fight the case. This course of action should only be available when the entity is non-practicing in relation to the patents.


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