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macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update fixes glitches with sleeping Macs

Apple is recommending that all Mac owners install the patch.

The update states:
macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update –– Restart Required
The macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update fixes an issue that may prevent certain Macs from waking from sleep properly.
For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

According to AppleInsider, “The original version of macOS 10.14.6 was released July 22. That sought to fix graphics glitches when waking a Mac, and it may be that Apple caught exceptions to its work in later testing. The software also made various other bug fixes and closed security vulnerabilities.”

How to get more from Terminal and use it to control your Mac

The Mac, like Windows, has a graphical user interface for the user to make life easy and as simple as possible to use. However, in the MacOs there is the capability to perform m some very powerful actions from the terminal. This is because MacOs is based on Unix and there are any well know Unix commands that are available.

In an article on AppleInsider, they have listed and provided some useful commands but in reality there are many many more.

To read the article, go to

Using Dictation Commands As an Alternative To Keyboard Shortcuts

Applications on computers and the operating system itself uses many keyboard shortcuts to increase the workflow. This is all well and good but there comes a point where there are so many different combinations of keys to achieve various results that many of us just do not remember what they all are.

On the Mac you can use Dictation Commands to trigger a keyboard shortcut, menu item, or to even insert some text.
You can do this while typing, or while dictating. You can set the spoken phrase to precede a dictation command to make sure the command only executes when you want it to.

From one of my favourite sites that gives many useful hints, the author of the site has posted a video explains the process for using dictation.

Previously I had used Dragon Dictate which is (was) quite sophisticated but this has been now discontinued on the Mac (as far as I am aware), probably as many of its features are just native to the MacOS anyway.

See MacMost -
Dictation Commands for a video tutorial.

How to merge together multiple PDF documents using Preview in macOS

In an article on AppleInsider, they cover managing PDF files when needing to combine multiple documents into one. The Preview tool, which comes with every Mac, is actually quite powerful for managing a number of different file types.
Check out the article at: AppleInsider

How to Remove Third-Party Accounts Like Facebook From Your Mac

In an article on MacRumors, they show you how to manually remove third-party accounts like Facebook from your Mac.
In iOS 11, Apple removed its built-in integration with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo, a feature that allowed iPhone and iPad users to store their third-party account information and access it within apps that needed to use those services.

Remove Third Party Accounts
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Tutorials for your Mac or iOS devices

If you are looking for some guidance with using your Mac or iOS device or software (apps) there are many resources on the web. Some are free and others require a subscription to gain full access to their resources.
I have personally found two resources quite useful. The first is
ScreencastsOnline which is operated by Don McAllister and offers a subscription model although some videos are free to watch.
Another that is free and has had many useful videos is
MacMost. From the site "MacMost is a free website with video tutorials for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad users. Visit here daily for new tutorials, sign up for the free weekly newsletter, check out some Mac tips, and ask questions in the forum. New to the Mac? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to the Mac."

Of course if you prefer to have assistance in resolving any issues with your computer or need to solve some requirement with your software or hardware, I am able to assist with personal service at reasonable rates. The initial assessment of your requirements is free, unlike many trades that charge exorbitant fees just to arrive at your door.

MacOS and iOS Updates

Apple has released supplemental updates for macOS to 10.13.3. and iOS 11.2.6 to fix a bug that caused devices to crash when trying to process specific Unicode characters.

The problem relates to rendering certain Indian characters which could cause the device to crash.

Apparently some mischievous people have intentionally inserted these characters to cause problems for those unfortunate to have encountered them.

Its always a good idea to keep devices up-to-date, especially relating to security issues.

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