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App Store antitrust suit against Apple to proceed

Is this just another money grab by get rich quick lawyers? The arguments are complex. For example, Apple pays for and supports the infrastructure that allows for the apps to be distributed. It takes measures to ensure that the apps are not malware and actually do what they state they are intended to do, thereby giving a level of security to the customers.

I have no way of knowing if 30% is too much or a fair price for the marketing, security and infrastructure supplied to developers. What is the alternative? If you allow apps to be purchased wherever then you end up with the problems faced with the Android market where malware runs rife.

It just seems to me that it is like the arguments with the Book Store where Apple let the publishers determine the price they wanted to charge for their books. Amazon takes a big cut too and determines the prices to be charged on the publishers' books and yet, it was Apple that was dragged through the courts when their system seemed much more equitable for the publishers than did Amazon’s.

Source: Itnews

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