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How to Enter Passcode on a Broken iPhone Screen

If you have an iPhone with a broken screen it can sometimes be very difficult to get into the phone. I came across an issue where the screen was too badly damaged to be able to see the prompts, the phone was not connected to a network and it did not have a SIM as the owner had already purchased a new phone. However, the user wanted some information from the phone as it had not been backed up to a computer for a long time and iCloud back-ups had not been used.

The message from this is that always make sure you have a recent backup and that iCloud syncing is enabled for everything you need on the phone. I realise that storage beyond the 5 GB costs money but it is well worth it, especially if you have an issue such as this. This will eliminate the story you hear every now and then where someone says they lost all their contacts, appointments, messages etc.

The article covers some areas but may not work for everyone (it didn't for me and in my case suggesting to the user to get a screen replacement was probably the only real option).

Enter Passcode on a Broken iPhone Screen

iPhone XS vs XR - Which one should YOU Buy?

Apple released information on the next iPhones and the new Apple Watch. Which one should you buy? Read Moreā€¦

Apple offering credit for iPhone batteries replaced before discounted repair program

Apple added a feature into iOS 11 the ability to reduce power requirements by slowing down the phone to avoid sudden shutdowns when the battery had reduced in performance due to age. They initially allowed for cheap battery replacements but have now offered a credit for older phones as well.
It was interesting to see this unfold as Apple's intention was meant to assist users of older devices to avoid having unwanted shutdowns when the battery was operating at substandard levels. Of course the ambulance chasers saw an opportunity for money for nothing.
The reality is that batteries lose their ability to hold a charge the older they are and after a finite number of recharges. So those seeking damages for a probably undetectable slow down are leeches when in reality, Apple was doping them a favour.
Apple since provided the ability to see the state of the battery and you will be able to choose between changing the battery at a heavily discounted price, allowing the phone to slow down to prevent sudden shutdowns, have an unreliable device or perhaps just get a new phone.
With the current iOS you can check the state of your battery. Go to Settings/Battery/Battery Health. It will give you information about the maximum capacity of your battery. You can also see what is consuming the battery's charge.

See AppleInsider for the full article.

iPhone X - Best Selling Smart Phone in Q1-2018

There have been many stories that tried to imply the iPhone X was a flop. Some of these were based on Samsung's reduction in production of OLED displays and other components. The connection was based on a false premise.
In reality, the iPhone X has been the worlds best selling smartphone by a long shot. In fact the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have taken the 3 top positions against all other smartphones.
iPhone X - Best Selling Smart Phone in Q1-2018

Apple: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, rather than focusing on the advances in the phone with things like the FacedID which unlike Apple's competitors, actually made it work properly. The unrelenting critics of the "notch" and other aspects of the phone were obviously designed as a distraction to detract.
Every time Apple introduces something new, no matter how innovative, the detractors try to find something wrong and if they cannot do it, then they make it up.
On Medium they published an article that shows that since the iPhone X was introduced, others have copied the design, despite being critical of it in the first place.

The five things that kill your iPhone's battery the fastest

Although the battery in an iPhone can last a considerable amount of time, certain factors can deplete your battery quicker than usual.
The main factors are:
  • Temperature
  • Screen brightness
  • Weak mobile phone coverage and weak WiFi
  • Rogue apps
  • Too many notifications
There is an article on Zdnet that provides a little further information. See https://goo.gl/Fw2dSr

Tutorials for your Mac or iOS devices

If you are looking for some guidance with using your Mac or iOS device or software (apps) there are many resources on the web. Some are free and others require a subscription to gain full access to their resources.
I have personally found two resources quite useful. The first is
ScreencastsOnline which is operated by Don McAllister and offers a subscription model although some videos are free to watch.
Another that is free and has had many useful videos is
MacMost. From the site "MacMost is a free website with video tutorials for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad users. Visit here daily for new tutorials, sign up for the free weekly newsletter, check out some Mac tips, and ask questions in the forum. New to the Mac? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to the Mac."

Of course if you prefer to have assistance in resolving any issues with your computer or need to solve some requirement with your software or hardware, I am able to assist with personal service at reasonable rates. The initial assessment of your requirements is free, unlike many trades that charge exorbitant fees just to arrive at your door.

Apple facing numerous class actions over iPhone slow down

When Apple admitted to incorporating a feature that stopped iPhones with old, weak batteries from shutting down by slowing the phone down is facing numerous class actions.
Now, as a user and if you have any old devices where the battery is getting closer to the end of its life (all batteries have a finite life) would you rather have the device just suddenly shut down on you or slow down a little? I know the answer for myself but obviously there are many that see this as an opportunity to extort money for nothing.
Apple has since made changes that give the user a choice and also offered incredibly big discounts in a battery replacement program but obviously this is not good enough for the parasites.
So, how were people actually damaged by this? Did they actually ever notice any change in performance? I doubt it.
There appears to be little ethics when it comes to lawyers and money and according to a post on Zdnet at
https://goo.gl/1rnpMh, they state there are now some 60 cases.
Insanity prevails.

Nikkei again claims ‘weak demand’ for iPhone X despite much evidence to the contrary

In an article published on Nikkei, they once again predict weak demand from the sales of the iPhone X. This, like every other report by Nikkei has always been proven to be false and not based on any real data or facts.
One may wonder why they persist in every year with the same predictions for every iPhone. In the last one the share price of Apple dropped for a short time until they reported record sales and profits. Perhaps that is their intention to affect the market and make profits for some?

As stated in a post on MacDailyNews:
Even if a particular data point were factual it would be impossible to accurately interpret the data point as to what it meant for our overall business… There is just an inordinate[ly] long list of things that would make any single data point not a great proxy for what’s going on. Apple CEO Tim Cook, January 23, 2013

iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the December quarter according to Canalys, and it has been our top selling phone every week since it launched. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus rounded out the top three iPhones in the quarter. In fact, revenue for our newly launched iPhones was the highest of any lineup in our history, driving total Apple revenue above our guidance range… The iPhone X was the most popular and that’s particularly noteworthy given that we didn’t start shipping until early November, and we’re constrained for a while. The team did a great job of getting into supply demand balance there in December. But since the launch of iPhone X, it has been the most popular iPhone every week, every week sales. And that is even through today, actually through January… We feel fantastic, particularly as it pertains to iPhone X. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, February 1, 2018

In another article, it completely contradicts Nikkei.

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