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iWork Suite vs MS Office

One of the issues that Mac users face is dealing with the differences between Microsoft Office and the iWork suite of apps.

Obviously if you are creating a new document, you may consider that you start from scratch in Pages, Numbers or Keynote. These apps are very powerful and have numerous features but many who have come from the PC Windows world are used to using the Microsoft Office products.

Personally, I considered myself the Excel and Word guru and found at first that I would gravitate to MS Office. This applied in particular to one complex spreadsheet that I was using which contained over 70,000 rows which of course Numbers does not support. Also, the complexity of the formulae made it difficult to convert. But, this was the only one and if I really needed this in the future, the free Open Office seemed to handle this very well.

Many of the difference require some different thinking. For example, Numbers does not support pivot tables but you can easily achieve the same result as pivot tables in other ways (let me know if you are wondering).

If you wish to check the differences, Apple have provided information concerning this on their site at
https://www.apple.com/au/mac/pages/compatibility/. This also has all the documentation online as well.

MacMost also has very useful information about the products at

The main advantage as I see it for learning and using Pages, Numbers and Keynote is that they come free with every Mac and iOS device. MS Office costs money and for many people, the specific features in MS Office may be overkill, besides, Open Office, which is free, may meet the requirements such as my example where I have an enormous spreadsheet but then, if you are developing a spreadsheet, you may as well design it in such a way where it will work in Numbers.

You Might Want To Uninstall VLC. Right Now. Immediately

In an article published on Gizmodo, they have indicated that there is a security flaw that affects VLC on all but the MacOS platforms.
"The vulnerability allows for RCE (remote code execution) which potentially allows bad actors to install, modify, or run software without authorisation and could also be used to disclose files on the host system. Translation: VLC’s security hole could allow hackers to hijack your computer and see your files."


5G Energy Levels

As it says in the article from ZDNET:
For conspiracy theorists, looks like it's time to head back to chemtrail forums and hating on fluoride, because 5G is no better or worse than the other frequencies used, according to tests from Telstra.
This seems to be in line with information available including the last blog post “
5G: Upgrade or Uncertainty?
ZDNET article can be found

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