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Government Scamwatch Site

The federal government hosts a site that tracks the latest scams that seek to part you from your money by gaining access to your computer and bank account. Read Moreā€¦

Added link to the World Community Grid on the home page

World Community Grid is a simple way to support cutting-edge research into important global humanitarian causes. Your computer or mobile device could be powering scientific research on health, poverty and sustainability.

When you become a World Community Grid volunteer, you donate your device’s spare computing power to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability.
As a World Community Grid volunteer, your device does research calculations when it’s idle, so just by using it as you do every day, you can help scientists get results in months instead of decades. With your help, they can identify the most important areas to study in the lab, bringing them one step closer to discoveries that save lives and address global problems.

Click on the link at the bottom of the
Home page to contribute.

Split View on iOS

On the Abby Mobile Blog, they published information regarding the use of Split View which was introduced in iOS 9 for iPads.
If you are like me, with all the constant changes, it is easy to forget the functionality available, particularly if you do not use it very often.

On Cult of Mac, they had an article "All you need to know about Slide Over, Split View in iOS 11”
Cult of Mac Link
Abby Blog

Decryption laws edge closer to reality

The federal government will move to introduce legislation for its crackdown on encrypted communications services in the upcoming spring sitting of parliament, a year after it first promised to do so.
It plans to present the legislation – dubbed the Telecommunication and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill – before December 7 this year.

I have heard the arguments from ordinary users stating that they have nothing to hide so why should they care? There are a number of aspects to this.
1. Whilst the government is not a corrupt totalitarian regime, you may have little to fear from them but history has shown that this is not guaranteed and can change very quickly.
2. Your communications which expose personal information such as your banking information, your username and password for the various services you access etc. should always be secure and encrypted. If the government has a backdoor then what stops criminals from exploiting this back door? Its a valid argument because trusting the custodians of the backdoor key has been proven to be folly as it will always be exploited. Just look at the leaks from supposedly secure government organisations such as the NSA, CIA and FBI in the US.
3. On another level, if your data can be decrypted in transit by third parties, what is there to stop this information from being mined and used for marketing or to profile individuals for other purposes?
4. If you are not convinced that it is a bad idea, just think about the countless millions of accounts that have been hacked due to the custodians of your personal data being hacked. This information has been used to steal money, create false identities for other criminal activities etc.

It's interesting that governments that were formerly conservative in their thinking are now on the bandwagon of trying to impose these types of laws. Historically it was always more likely to come from the left of politics that would push such ideas.

Article published on itnews site.

Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable Out of the Box

In an article published on wired.com, they say that security meltdowns on your smartphone are often self-inflicted: You clicked the wrong link, or installed the wrong app. But for millions of Android devices, the vulnerabilities have been baked in ahead of time, deep in the firmware, just waiting to be exploited. Who put them there? Some combination of the manufacturer that made it, and the carrier that sold it to you.

Although the article refers to US carriers, it is likely that it applies to most carriers.

Read the full article at

The 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 processor

According to Appleinsider, the 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 processor is the fastest laptop Apple has ever made, but it could be better.
It would appear that the middle model is better value with its 6 core i7 processor as it performs on par with the i9 because the i9 slows down due to heat issues.
See Appleinsider:
Review: 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 processor

Android apps infected with Windows malware

Security researchers have found 145 Android apps infected with Windows malware, suggesting they were created on compromised Windows machines.
The issue does not directly affect the Android device as the malware is for Windows.
Article Source ITNEWS:
Android Apps Infected

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